A lot of people don’t know this about me, but before I was a professional athlete, I got a degree in Product Design from the University of Illinois-Chicago. I’ve always been interested in how products are made, the functions they serve, and especially how they look and feel. I’m currently a member of the #ChekSquad from Sportchek, where they send us great products to try out and give honest reviews. In my box there we’re two pieces in particular that I would consider a tech or a specifically designed piece of equipment. One was the GoPro hero 5 and the other was the TRX home suspension system. I never really associated a GoPro with working out or how it would be used outside of filming a POV from a bike or ski helmet, or to witness your buddies jumping off cliffs. But one thing I noticed was how the footage can actually help you […]

Dad bod is real. Like… really real. Even as a former professional athlete, having a high metabolism, and knowing how to get into shape, you’d think that it would be easy for me not to fall into the Dad Bod trap. Let me tell you, its not. My son Oakes is now 14 months old, and much more on the go, but in the first year, as a dad, I’ve found in between 4 hour shifts of sleep, a back up of work projects, and trying to actually take the time to be a good dad (not to mention, a good husband), the last of my priorities is working out. During my day, I either can’t find the time, or I’m just too tired to do it. And that’s when the Dad Bod starts to creep in. Those tight tshirts get a little tighter, and that sculpted athlete body starts […]

On Tuesday night I joined Calen Carr in the MLS studios in New York City to cover the USA’s emphatic victory over Costa Rica in the Copa America.

Few athletes have been through as much as Gemma Collis, and fewer still have faced such insurmountable odds, only to emerge victorious.