Jason McElwain brought every ounce of energy he had in his body to the court. He loved basketball and loved his teammates. Being the team manager, he never experienced the feeling of throwing on a jersey. One day, that all changed and he had the game of his life.

Gabby Conklin’s heartwarming story is one of pure love and desire. She put her all into every game and was welcomed by everyone. Her love for the sport of cheerleading can be seen through her beautiful smile.    

Eric Moussambani Malonga is from the tiny country of Equatorial Guinea. Eric had never laid eyes on an Olympic size swimming pool in his life. He entered the wildcard Olympic draw and finished the race for his family and his entire country.  

Eddie Lacy had everything taken away from him when Katrina hit. He managed to fight through it and let football push him to become the successful man and running back he is today.  

Brandon Crawford always had a dream of playing college football. He made this dream come true even after leaving to be a Marine. He never gave up on his dream.