Dad bod is real. Like… really real. Even as a former professional athlete, having a high metabolism, and knowing how to get into shape, you’d think that it would be easy for me not to fall into the Dad Bod trap. Let me tell you, its not.

My son Oakes is now 14 months old, and much more on the go, but in the first year, as a dad, I’ve found in between 4 hour shifts of sleep, a back up of work projects, and trying to actually take the time to be a good dad (not to mention, a good husband), the last of my priorities is working out. During my day, I either can’t find the time, or I’m just too tired to do it. And that’s when the Dad Bod starts to creep in. Those tight tshirts get a little tighter, and that sculpted athlete body starts to melt a little bit. Thankfully I am aware of my ailing efforts and try to do enough to stay on the right side of the fat meter. I’ve found the key to keeping it tight comes in the form of short circuit sets.
Whether I’m in the city or at our little cabin in the mountains of Pemberton, BC on 10 acres, I like to try and switch-up the circuits. If I’m in the city, I will do a 500m warm up jog to a nearby park. This time of year its pretty cold, so I make sure I have a good base layer top to keep me warm. Sportchek sent me some gear to try this winter and one of the tops I love has been the Nike Hyperwarm Hexodrome reflective long sleeve top (pictured). It fits snug so it’s not heavy or baggy, and it has thick, but flexible materials to keep me warm. The hexagon pattern graphic adds a cool look and texture to the style as well. Team that with a nice pair of Adidas Alpha Bounce runners, with the built in snug fit sock, and I’m ready to rock. At the park they have a jungle gym and some benches, and that’s all the equipment I need. After the warm up jog, I’ll do a quick stretch of my hips and lower back (my stiff areas), and a couple of planks to turn my core on. I like to mix in some upper body work, some lower body work, and then a mix of cardio. I’ll start with picking a garbage can in the distance or another park bench, usually about 100m away. I’ll run with a good pace around the bench and come back to the jungle gym. With no rest I’ll bang out 20x pushes, 20x lunges, 20x burpees, run to the bench and back. Still no rest, then finish with a 1 minute plank. One set done. Depending on how much time I have, I usually do 5 sets. Sometimes I’ll switch the lunges up for squat jumps, or star jumps into push ups. Get creative and work the areas you think you need to work on the most. In between sets, I will never rest for more than 90 seconds. It’s important to keep the heart rate up during these exercises, and I make sure that even though the workouts are short, they keep the engine running the whole time. I finish with a cool down jog back to my place, and a quick stretch. This usually takes me 30-45 min maximum, and keeps my Dad Bod, at a minimum ☺

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