A lot of people don’t know this about me, but before I was a professional athlete, I got a degree in Product Design from the University of Illinois-Chicago. I’ve always been interested in how products are made, the functions they serve, and especially how they look and feel. I’m currently a member of the #ChekSquad from Sportchek, where they send us great products to try out and give honest reviews. In my box
there we’re two pieces in particular that I would consider a tech or a specifically designed piece of equipment. One was the GoPro hero 5 and the other was the TRX home suspension system. I never really associated a GoPro with working out or how it would be used outside of filming a POV from a bike or ski helmet, or to witness your buddies jumping off cliffs. But one thing I noticed was how the footage can actually help you get better with your workouts, as we very seldom watch ourselves workout. I decided I would just set it up and tape a little workout to check my form. Squats jumps or back lunges, burpees or crunches. I was semi-conscious of my form before, but actually playing it back, I realized that in certain exercises, my form was off. My back lunges I was facing way too forward and not driving from my heel of the front foot. I noticed my burpees were a bit “loose”, letting my body goose around instead of keeping my core tight and seeing the exercise through for the whole time. The footage isn’t something that I would keep around, but it definitely reminded me to be conscious of these things, because as I get older and stiffer, my form during my workouts becomes all the more important. The TRX suspension system (pictured) is a great way to get a full workout in very small spaces. Its really well designed to fit to you and your space. It has one “anchor” strap that goes in behind a door that branches out into two big straps with handles on the ends for either your hands or your feet. If you’re standing up, it allows you to lean out from the door into the handles into a suspended standing push up position to get your upper body workout in. Turn around in that position, and do arm curls for your biceps. If you lay down on your stomach and put your feet in the handles, you can suspend your legs and do crunchies or planks. There are also buckles that you can turn the straps into loops so you can hang it from pipes or trees in the park too. All of the straps are adjustable to your size, so the exercises feel challenging, but comfortable. With the technology of super light weight buckles and the strength of the strap materials, this packs away very easily into your home, but will last for an eternity. Technology is combining with sport more than ever, and we should feel fortunate that we are in a time where we can truly get more and learn more from our workouts.

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